What Our Clients Say


I never realised how much damage I had done by sitting behind a desk for over 20 years - bad posture, weak muscles, over-dominate muscles and so on. KORE performance work out a plan with you based on what you want to achieve from your training as well as the areas they can see need working on.


I have been on a journey back to fitness after a long period of work / life imbalance.  At KORE performance we work on fitness and strength as well as diet. They always teach me the rationale behind the exercises we are doing


I was skeptical about personal training as assumed it just involved being shouted at once a week. This is far from the case. From the moment I went to KORE performance it put  me at ease . They identified underlying problems and explained their thoughts for addressing them, taking into consideration my lifestyle and concerns. It was a different approach and all made a lot of sense. I was impressed by the amount of science theory behind their approaches and realistic attitude towards goals.


With regards to training goals and aspirations, I believe that having a personal trainer is crucial. Whilst working with KORE performance I have made huge progress. I am now more confident in my training and am setting challenging goals for myself that I would never have done before.


He has brought a new energy and focus to my training which had become routine and stale. He has a goal targeted approach and uses a variety of tools, knowledge and techniques as part of the journey


I had no idea how much I could achieve with a lot of help, support and advice. More than just doing, KORE performance explains the 'what and why' in a completely uncomplicated way that means I can carry on when I am on my own.