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Eat takeaways and lose weight

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This post may be controversial for you 'my body is a temple' people but realistically most people enjoy having an alcoholic drink, takeaways or eating out but feel that these are no goes when wanting to lose weight but should they be??? 🤔

Now bare with me I'll be throwing a few numbers around so may get a bit confusing but I'll do my best to make it easy to understand. I shall use myself as an example and you can apply the method to yourself.

I love a takeaway and I also like having a few bottles of beer on the weekend. I've tried removing them from my diet but it never happens 🤷‍♂️ so instead of losing against temptations every month, they've been added into my calorie diet but I don't put on any weight, in fact I lose weight!

What I do is I work out roughly how many calories these 'naughty' food/drinks will be. So for example I realistically have 2 takeaways a month so I guess I smash down 2000kcals per meal. I also have 3 bottles per weekend (not much, I know, but a cold bottle satisfies me enough) so that's about 420kcals per weekend. So per week I have about 920-1000kcals extra of calories consumed.

Now the important things have been calculated, you need to look at how much you generally burn daily also known as TDEE. You can find TDEE calculators online, just be realistic about much you actually exercise, not what you want to do (here's a calculator from Awesome Supplements . So for example my TDEE is 2500kcals. If weight loss is your goal you want to be dropping calories by 500kcals from your TDEE to lose 1Ib of fat a week, so for me that'll be 2000kcals a day to lose weight. Here's where I need to take into consideration the extra 920-1000kcals per week I consume in beer and takeaways so that's an extra 143kcals per day I need to take away (1000kcals/7days) so in order for me to lose weight and have takeaways and beer I need to consume 1857kcal per day.

So to summarise:

Step 1) calculate how many calories you consume in the stuff you enjoy (takeaways, alcohol etc).

Step 2) Calculate your TDEE, keep the same for maintenance or minus 500 for weight loss. Step 3) minus the calories from the 'naughty' stuff you enjoy from your TDEE or weight loss calories.

Step 4) enjoy your life knowing you're having the good stuff and losing/maintaining weight!

This approach only works if you have a healthy lifestyle the majority of the time, eat fresh food, eat fruit and veg, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly! But I bet there's some of you that are saying "but Kyle I eat way more takeaways and drink more booze than you" and the simple answer to that is that you're going to have reduce the amount of takeaways/booze you have. You're still going to have the good stuff, it'll just be more enjoyable. Or you could workout a hell of a lot more or not eat much during the week but that's a stupid idea, best way is stop being greedy 🤷‍♀️

So there it is, a real life approach to weight loss, if you wish me to work out your calories for weight loss for your every day lifestyle then drop me a comment and we'll work it out together.

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